Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Atmospheric Aureate Adorn Party Dress

    Golden atmosphere dazzling once wearing,is a focus of the party.But the luxury of gold is also very easy to wear tacky bloated,how to skillfully use collocation skills will be golden party clothes out of stunning temperament,Ihonsa fashion belt you appreciate Europe and the United States actress golden party wear with another amorous feelings.

    Light gold one piece dress if she can draw the outline of the figure, the collocation of fine with high heels and sexy enchanting instantly show, let the whole body modelling have loose tight.
    Camilla Belle dressed in exquisite tailoring golden Slim dress,with black Strappy heels and golden bag.Like Goddess to come down to earth.

    Dark gold or gold and black combination not garish, bright and mature, be just perfect.Paired with a black square handbag and some retro flavor of ankle high-heeled shoes, show the absolute femininity.
   Jennifer Lawrence wearing a deep V dark golden spell black Altuzarra dress attended the event,the decorative tassels waist balance thin dress,black ankle high heels more refined shape.

    In addition to the most common one piece of golden party dress, some gold embellishment create new styles can also let originally appear trite and insignificant shape instantly brightens.The gold stitching and simple but elegant dresses,full of elegant taste more than a one-piece dress.
   Amanda Seyfried In Vionnet spell for body skirt appearance activities,Soft rice white and gold splicing let originally with dye-in-the-wood flavour fair maiden dress instant there is a bright.let modelling also become no longer mediocre.

    With gold and black and white are excellent results,golden pattern embroidered black dresses, costly in with a cool feeling,super auras. And the collocation of white and elegant and pure and fresh,With the same color handbags and shoes is enough.
    Kate Hudson attend the modelling of golden ball.Alexander McQueen black gold dress up charming and do not break individual character,Because in the Downton Abbey farm "and big hot British actress Michelle Dockery attend the golden ball,With a attack Alexandre Vauthier golden shoulder illuminative long white dress appearance,Noble and elegant.