Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Elegant Dressing Skills - Not Only The Red Carpet Only Noble, Elegant Dress In Early Summer

The much-anticipated Cannes Film Festival
The red carpet star a magnificently beautiful with jewels
Whether the fishtail dress, or tassel swaying skirt
Looks so elegant and noble
Of course can't so ceremoniously clad in daily life, but the elegant but not learn not to
Want to know, princess Anne in "Roman holiday" is a simple white shirt can wear noble and pure
Mrs. Kennedy, and princess Diana was dressed in a suit also let a person feel different.

The IHONSA bring British fashion blogger Tina Sizonova wear model,Together To taste the unique elegance.

As if to reproduce the "Roman holiday" in the scene, white shirt, skirt
Everything must be just perfect elegant
Select the near earth color in color, let a person feel soft and quiet
Neck scarves wrapped around the woman are born to unique dream and tenderness
And at the foot of the suede cusp shoe, then whispers the mature woman's delicate.

Since Miss Chanel make sailor's striped shirt gives new meaning to make it swim the fashion arena
Striped shirt has not faded out of people's field of vision
This spring, hot streak is taking strong route, And this simple pinstripe is more striped T-shirt is elegant and restrained
Denim overalls reminiscent of childhood
Black and white color of the shoes not only keep the overall look too young, and hats, T-shirts interaction.

Wanna go ripe female route can't be lack of a red dress 
Deduce the spell able elegant, in the office and the intangible injected a enthusiasm and energy to the surrounding environment
Don't think that big printed blazer will make whole looks old 
The transparent hand caught and necklace, enough to see the great taste.

All route for himself as a elegant atmosphere of the people do not overlook the classic black and white collocation
To avoid the body wear appear too hale and hearty and neutral black and white
A casual style of clothing is a good choice
Add amorous feelings of big waves and edging wave grain of high heels shoes
Handsome whole will not be changed, but also no woman flavour.


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