Thursday, April 25, 2013

May Day Long Holiday, Beach Attract Eyeball Collocation Guide

    Hot sun, the cool water of the sea, blue sky, soft beach, so the temptation to let you in the May Day holiday is coming, whether very want to come to beach enjoy a holiday a good time. Quickly find sleeping in his chest still printed beach dress, let us learn together with star clothing, let oneself also become a beach on a beautiful scenery line.

   Vanessa Hudgens dark blue big flower flower pattern printed dress , deep V and high-slit design, balance sexy and sweet .


     Olivia Munn orange print dress , the regular geometric prints with the irregular geometric blocks of color , very visual impact.

    Paris Hilton Lake blue ethnic prints deep V beach dress , dotted with the same color of the bag , fresh and vibrant .

    "High School Musical " actress Vanessa Hudgens a pink floral print dress , gradient pink and floral pattern make her whole style is very sweet .

     Kristin Cavallari wearing a split hollow print dress , hollow waist design and classic black and white , so sexy to very low-key, Don't have amorous feelings .

   Vanessa Hudgens white printing Bra top with a black elegant dress,The whole modelling perfect not only highlight the waist line and at the same time also let leg ministry line.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tommy Ton Latest Street Snap,Thin Shirt Welcome Early Summer

  It is close to the end of April, rising temperature of summer is coming.
  The Ihonsa Fashion Store to bring you the latest Tommy Ton street snap,Tulle through the cool street shot full of eye, the lightweight chiffon suit, perspective tops , white shirt ...
  In the bright sunshine , brought a surge of cool and sexy atmosphere

    Dressed in red, white and blue line not only can go to the cavaliers' game, A contour shape blouse allows you to greatly reduce age .

   Ultra-short black T-shirt exposing a charming waist curve.
   The chest red banners red and black British's pants exist side by side.
   Although the chest clip is not eye-catching, but indistinct revealed but rebellious uninhibited feeling

   Big animal printed T-shirt hot since the year before last,The deformation pattern of black and white cat has some Chinese taiji diagram.
   Slightly exposed belly is light purple printing wide leg pants, fresh and comfortable.

   Animal lines seem to be never out of date,think leopard skirt a bit hot and dry, to such a chic concave can make temperature decreased vision.
   Net woven blouse and short skirt showing ripe female.
   Handbag on a bright fox tail for modelling added bright color.

      Liu Wen Jesus printing T neutral handsome , coupled with simple black belt and jeans , and fine with a shoulder bag ,Carved hair , no make-up , no extra accessories.
     Typical liu type leisure street is dressed up, relaxed and willfulness.

Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Stripes In Power, Wave Stripe Big Highlights

   Charming stripe whenever is never out of season, spring, summer, especially in power elements. To proceed with a right one stripe dress, make a sweet stripes look!

Blue And White




Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful Spring , Prevalence Of Printing

   With Haren trousers and suit popular, printing elements in this season shows more texture combinations,promise to be the soft and hard collision in the end ,Create printed or gently beautiful or handsome modelling.

    Oriental element of popular make ink printing shading effects, also on the fashion front,Collocation fastens with color printing on the high-heeled shoes and hand bag can finish attending the party perfect modelling.
   Ashlee Simpson wearing Jessica Simpson Collection watercolor print dress, Collocation of scooter,soft collision hale and hearty, personality is distinct.
   Blake Lively in Roland Mouret ink shading effect of the dress to attend the activities, the printing of the Christian Louboutin high heels to dress collocation is to bring out the best in each other, only simple collocation cabinet and delicate jewelry is enough attractive.

   If you want to create a moderately formal sense, only with a little black suit.
   French actress Marion Cotillard wore a printed shirt, under a printed pants, foot black heels, systemic modelling printing with a exquisite clipping of little black dress, sufficient to meet from the office to a variety of occasions.
   Marie Nasemann attend the fashion show, dressed in green printing jacket with printing design leggings, black suit with a patchwork design, whole body modelling rich layers, printed on black formal feeling, highlighting the figure does not appear too enchanting.

    Trousers as if had never been so high-profile occupies leading position, this season is printed pants with the modelling of solid color sweater or jacket simple comfortable, bright eye. 
    Drew Barrymore sweater match printed pants with black shape street, red high heels that coincide with printed pants and let the modelling of black and white mass-tone achieved distinct visual effect.
    Jayma Mays, dressed in a light jacket to participate in the activities, the printed pants, stamped on the nude heels, simple but elegant dress only highlight the printed trousers, primary and secondary distinct, full of quiet elegance.

    Before printing small suit is always still unusual thing in the world, but if the tie-in leather shorts and light handbag, promotion immediately capable modern sheet is tasted. And if the collocation of haroun pants and white shirt, is the best choice is dressed up in the workplace. 
   Lily Collins (Left)in Helmut Lang dark printing coat out of the street, tie-in knickers of Thakoon cortex and Givenchy long necklace, creating capable cool feeling and along with the gender of the modelling, Loeffler Randall bright color handbag to slightly dark body modelling added one bright spot.
   Sun li (Right)to attend the event, wearing a suit small jacket, inside take baby shirt, haroun pants, under foot Louboutin suede high heels. Spell able to dress up is very suitable for OL.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Early Spring Sexy Hollow-out Clairvoyant Outfit

      See - through is clairvoyant outfit is in recent years are also popular show feminine elements, there are not only spring and summer, autumn and winter will still be there. 2013 chun xia, this style is still popular, also can be called "veiled looks". Is popular this season's perspective and the perspective of the previous two seasons doesn't change much.mainly in the perspective shows a variety of new fabrics, all kinds of embroidery, Mosaic, and the perspective and the perspective of joining together, as a kind of visual transition, avoids too revealed not practical, and as a means to show creativity by designers this season.

     Embedded in the perspective of fabric on the embroidery pattern except, for example, sequins element, geometry, fantasy printing, feather Tassels and so on, is characterized in that makes the clothing forms a transparent and non-transparent or transition between contrast. In addition to mosaic technique of expression, and not perspective stitching technique material is also very common, in addition, sectional geometric mosaic external.

     This season is basically still in perspective of small area, it is to enjoy the fun at the same time perspective, to ensure safe, is most girls can accept. But compared to last season, the season of large area perspective and slightly up, maybe after too many women are willing to try this style, the designer wants to take bigger strides for women to try, the women themselves and also to increase the challenge strength.

     Therefore the perfect collocation with underwear, larger, more aggressive clairvoyant outfit this season will be very hot, and there are many kinds of different ground for choice. For almost all people, of course, cannot be directly don't wear underwear, give the inside of the chest, at least not XXX, inside take at this time is very important. Perspective of large area, or give priority to with black light through the fabric, many designers use fabrics lightsome transparent texture of itself, create a subtle elegant aesthetic feeling, and the flow of air floating feeling. But is not limited in black, other colors still play a supplementary role in this season.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Formal Luncheon Should Be How To Wear ?

  The formal luncheon luncheon is usually held in order to facilitate business meetings during the day , so that participants in their lunch time and afternoon tea time to participate in the banquet.However, a period that will usually let women very awkward become in the choice of clothing,whether to wear ordinary day dress or evening dress?

   Australian women Abbie Cornish wearing a red dress deep V attended the second session of the 25 most influential stylist luncheon, red dress design major is very simple, to outline the body curve of her beautiful, sexy and elegant.

   New generation idol Nina Dobrev wore a red inclined shoulder jumpsuits attend activities, inclined shoulder design to make the dress the dress elegance and have the pants capable, highlight new generation idol unique fashion taste.

   Zoe Saldana wore a hollow out design printed dress to attend the activities, simple repeat prints very visual impact on the white dress, the waist of the hollow out design is very special and pure and fresh and full of vitality.

   Kaley Cuoco closed their deals in printing gradient shirts style dress to attend the activity,blue and yellow natural fuses in together, the design of the shirt collar and front opening let whole model don't have amorous feelings.

1. Usually safest dress rules in accordance with the dress code on the invitation , if not you can find out to the organizers of the luncheon .

2. Give priority to with elegant dignified, don't be too exaggeration and exposure. Whether to attend a formal business lunch, had better be to suit and shirt is given priority to; If the theme is relaxed luncheon, can small formal attire is given priority to, to avoid too much exaggeration and gorgeous dress.

3. Had better give priority to with high heels shoes,don't wear flat shoes or slippers.

4. If you need to match accessories a hand caught bag, a low-key accessory can be, but try to avoid the Statement necklace.

What do you think? If my summary is not comprehensive, you also can put forward your ideas, make this answer more comprehensive and perfect. Welcome to discuss!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shine Early Spring , Fashion Bloggers Scheming All Small Mashup

  Spring in March , turns warm again,don't know how to wear both fashion and cold-proof.
  Watch fashion blogger Leandra Medine covered with bright pure color coat walked in the street.Looks be like simple, actually hide all ~
  The foggy in early spring, shines with a different light.

  Open year wearing red to bring good luck, leather bracelet to small suits OL is dressed up the taste of the punk ~

   Sapphire can cause everyone's noble lenovo, a pair of nude small boots is the understated nobility appear more delicate.

   Black leather stitching coat, large black bag, black leather gloves, metal bracelet... You thought I was a punk? You didn't see my clever little khaki short boots and warm little red riding hood. I am a punk, is not just a punk.