Saturday, July 13, 2013

Elegant Summer Clothing,To Cool More To Beauty

    Elegant and not tight dress experience is definitely a girls and conveyed the ultimate appeals in summer dress, cool and refreshing and has a smooth feel of the material, float in the sky of irregular skirt design, the color of the bright cool, convenient operation and hang down feeling jumpsuit, outline of refreshing summer sexy style.

   Short in front long skirt and flounced design, irregular hem elements are tempted to let the girl, the liberation of his legs, walking between swaying with the wind blowing. Deep V dress was thin strap upper body to maintain a good degree of exposed skin, bright color is dazzling party suck sunny weapon.
   Natalie Portman attended the event dressed in Dior orange dress, ankle-foot light-colored Dior heels, holding a black Dior handbag. Orange and pink skirt at color spell color as the shape of a big bright spot. Sexy on circumference without any decoration , simple and pure, bright colors vibrant.
   Connie Britton wore a blue irregular hem waist dress to attend the activity, foot thick-soled sandals in Brown, shoulder and dark red shoulder bag. Lake blue and cool, peplums soft and elegant, full of femininity.

  Ice cream-color continue to heat over the summer, fresh color makes people think that look cool. Pale pink and purple are all highlights the feminine color, low saturation Color Dodge jumping, more friendly. Chiffon shirt dress, waist with elastic texture control of elegant dresses are more suitable for commuting.
   Naomi Watts wearing a See by Chlo é pale pink shirt dress to attend the activities, hand stitch clutch bag, foot white ankle sandals. Body styling and cool without losing the skilful.
   Chen Yan Xi attended the event wearing a yellow shirt dress, foot wooden sandals with ankle ring. Body shape color harmony refreshing, elegant dresses sketched out soft image.

    Summer date in addition to the cool consideration can also show off a small sexy. deep v short wearing much aesthetic fatigue, solid color dresses, one-shoulder with Greece of a goddess noble style, attract the eye seems charming and pleasant. Chiffon pleated, absolutely not to be missed.
    Katie Holmes wore white Chlo é one-shoulder dresses to attend activities, holding the Miu Miu nude-colored Ridge leather clutch bag, foot Azzedine Ala ï a fine strap Brown sandals, waist design sketched curve, Golden Hermes is to add to pure white dresses with shiny texture. Crisp and modern.

    Action convenient and full of people drape piece pants, high waist design is often used to create the wearer golden body proportions, visually lengthen the legs. With more comfort thick with sandals, visual moment taller 5CM. Jumpsuits color consistent with accessories is preferred, with a simple random bohemian unique handbag or a long necklace can create different flavors of the cool styling.
   Milla Jovovich, dressed in a flying wave point sleeve connects body pants let actress modelling of tall waist design more show float in the sky, the same black and white and double color of ankle sandal and jumpsuit to form perfect collocation, perfect echo.
   Vanessa Hudgens wearing Blu Moon National Wind Bra piece pants, brown belt waist, Nashelle long necklace echoes overall more casual bohemian style, See by Chloé thick crust wedge heel so that the body maintains a harmonious brown tone, leaving to move freely and comfortable.


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