Thursday, May 30, 2013

Early Summer Star Street Snap:Summer Fashion,Colour First

Sunny summer, bright and flowery colour become undisputed protagonist,female stars have the aid of them to create a youthful image, bright colors with unique patterns, easy seckill passers-by.

Joanna Krupa go out shopping. She was dressed in irregular spell color Neck Chiffon shirt, under a pencil pants, holding a purple snakeskin-stria handbags, foot nude fish mouth shoes.

Emma Stone left the hotel. She was wearing Band of Outsiders long spell color dress, dorsal foot green pointed shoes, whole body quite eye-catching other bright.

Victoria Beckham with a small seven (Harper Seven) appeared,Her own brand cream-colored knitting with short sleeves and a orange bust miniskirt,Collocation is nude wedges sandals, eye-catching and fashionable.

Kelly Brook appeared in the streets. She is wearing a red printing pencil skirts, hand spell color woven handbags, stamped on the Christian Louboutin rivet fish mouth shoes. 

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova out to the streets. She wore a locomotive small leather, which take the gun pattern printed skirt, back flip retro shoulder bag, foot short boots.

Jennifer Morrison attend the TV program, the Red Jumpsuit with lateral comb braided hemp flowers, highlight the charming temperament.

Jennifer Lopez appeared in the street. Wearing a sapphire blue knitted skirt, shoulder crocodile leather handbags, stamped on the Christian Louboutin nude fish mouth shoes, wear the Louis Vuitton sunglasses. 

Rosie Huntington Whiteley out for fitness. She is wearing a Lululemon color matching vest,under with same brand.

Kate Mara appeared in the streets. Wearing a Kate Young for Target lemon yellow decals long sleeve skirt, take with metallic hand caught series, foot Brian Atwood fish mouth high-heeled shoes .

Taylor Momsen in black leather jacket + pants + and ankle boots, show long legs, a red Samantha Thavasa bag will light up the whole body.

AnnaSophia Robb to Alice + Olivia bright yellow jacket with Yumi Kim blue abstract dress and Jessica Simpson black slope sandals, let her show summer activity.

Emmy Rossum attended a charity event, she is wearing a Topshop White Sleeveless Shirt + yellow print dress, with Jimmy Choo nude bandage high-heeled sandals and Stuart Weitzman gold chain bag,tender and touching.

Alessandra Ambrosio shopping. She was wearing Zara gradient color shirt , white shorts to catch Black Orchid hand Kua Alice + Olivia blue snakeskin pattern handbag , foot T-strap flat sandals .


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