Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tommy Ton Street Style Fashion Blockbuster

At first glance the title "Street Chic by Tommy Ton" thought must be share Tommy Ton at fashion week taking pictures on the Street,but upon closer scrutiny I realized that not,This is a special street photos for inspiration,By Tommy Ton fencing, Anne V. and Jessica Hart as models,To demonstrate a series of strong, full of contrast clothing color, pattern, color blends together the intersection.Tommy Ton is the ability to model the most natural one side show,See model expression, and laughing, really think that this is a street shooting special edition.

So bright....

Printing and brilliant color is essential!

The color is very beautiful , suddenly look feel summer came,The color is also very beautiful, shooting feel very interesting, very suitable for the current popular....

On the left side of the set of peace street wear are very suitable for when it comes to work,dark color of the skirt is very full,Upper body shirt is also very appropriate,tie-in color high heels highlights the feeling of summer.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Personality Blogger Wear Take A Week, Transform The Modelling Of Different Style

   Since a few years ago, a large number of fashionable opinions through the network of fashion blogger s, in addition to let love fashion people with another new land, the fashion circle has a group of fashion bloggers to join all the more wonderful. 
   Chiara Ferragni from Milan is one of the distinctive personal style sprang and has a large number of diehard fans blogger one.
   Today IHONSA FASHION Share with you Chiara Ferragni daily wear a special,Not lose visibility of master cute dog "Matilda, of course, also appeared.Like this style of fashion bloggers friend, it is better to seek inspiration from it

   Stripe coat collocation neat tailoring of black trousers,Body only black, white, aureate collocation of three kinds of color,Simple and full of mature elegant breath,trousers on gold trim and handbag smartly echo,Chiara also chose the golden earrings on detail and lipstick,Visible to the thoughts and intentions of dress collocation.

  The cat's eye Shaped Sunglasses cool is a bright spot,a nude clean lady, details is also very delicate, lip color of makeup look is worth everybody to learn oh,After a nude color dress you can use this crimson red lipstick, effect is very good ~

  Dress up more casual and comfortable at home,the cat the shallow mouth of the head shoes reveal a lovely young woman,dog is also very naive.

  This one is also very bright,personally have always liked this purple and orange mix , color saturation , but does not feel awkward ,But added a magnificent feeling,obviously Chiara also very much agree with this point,shoes and earrings and other details of the color and dress itself printing very harmonious,it is very fastidious ~

  Streets dressed up a bit,woolen hat color seems very jump but no uncomfortable feeling,black high-heeled boots elongate the leg line.Pendant bead detail on the clothes is also very delicate and lovely.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Geometric Stripes Pattern Matching Skills

    Geometric patterns and agile chill has always given people the feeling of sensible and prudent,So in the clothing worn by adding the geometric elements are often can strengthen their own spell able and mature temperament,At the same time, with bright color, beautiful case, cartoon style can also add a charming woman flavour.Today, IHONSA FASHION is for you to organize many star supermodel exclusive geometry using the equation, make the boring line block your amazing eye.

  (Left)Supermodel Karolina Kurkova dressed in orange and black Rompers modern fashion,Vertical stripe pattern has the visual effect of cultivate one's morality,The white belt、high-heeled shoes、handbags correspond, wool coat casually draped over her shoulders handsome full.
  (Right)American TV star (A.J Cook)Andrea Joy Cook with water to wash white denim jacket collocation Black and white diamond lattice pattern pencil pants,Retro handsome do not lose feminine taste,Thick black bottom waterproof making nine head body scale.

   (Left)Zoe Saldana blackish green wide stripe dress times show the fair maiden temperament,Casadei green edge high heels shoes collocation show originality.
   (Right)Miley Cyrus with Marc Jacobs red mickey head ultrashort knit unlined upper garment is tie-in retro red satin stripe skirts,nifty and sexy,Black and white highlight stereo design handbags add fashionable bright spot.

   (Left)Socialite Goga Ashkenazi to nude snow spins unlined upper garment is tie-in grey thin plaid pants,cross Houndstooth button coat full texture,wine red handbag and Tory Burch With same color flat shoes echo.
   (Right)Miranda Kerr in low collar black T-shirt with tight pants legs,generous lattice suit simple personality,Tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood,black handbag from Givenchy.

   (Left)Sarah Jessica Parker with black and White Checkered knitting cardigan with polka-dot dress, red high heels shoes dotting added enchanting amorous feelings.
   (Right)Fashion blogger Irina Lakicevic Balmain silk shirt with geometric stripes engraved flower pattern , TopShop black leather skirt domineering wild,Marc Jacobs Lemon yellow bag big dot eyeball.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Fashion Trends (一) - A Popular Style

In 2013 has come, for pursuit vogue female friends, understand the popular trend this year is very necessary, it is like a barometer, guide us how to dress, not only can let us keep in the forefront of fashion, can help us make a more perfect, self-confident, beautiful fashionable woman. Ihonsa Fashion will give you a detailed introduction of several popular styles of quarter.


This trend including oversized boyfriend tailored suit or square coat, tie-in slim pants or button type shirt, of course, men's sweaters and a tuxedo jacket.

2.Oriental inspiration

The inspiration of expression from the style to the fabric to the details,Such as brocade, full of Oriental printed asymmetrical kimono inspired or cheongsam and other details,There are several eastern technology integration.

3.The fifties agitation
Smooth on the shoulder, skirt size, round hips and neckline, classical hourglass contours, long gloves and petticoat design swing amorous feelings, the perfect show of the female curvaceous.

4.In the '60 s tomboy style

This trend has more than one direction,one of the most commercialized may be a tomboy style of simplicity:outline A little French, including type A straight dress or type A miniskirt, optional light coat,double-breasted jackets or fit body Cropped Trousers,Inside the box of T-shirt,Obviously this style is very fashionable, for high street brand of young line, is a very commercial trend.

5.Knight's style

6. Gotik

7.Fashion military wind

Fashion military coat of the wind's signature is accurate cutting uniform type,On this basis can be converted into a cowled double-breasted coat jackets and uniform style, of course also includes many historic uniforms details, such as the compilation of resultant decorated with brass buttons.Collocation is also very important, such as mixing with the uniform style and feminine chiffon, add fashion highlights for military air, is more suitable for the youth market.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Neon Color Is Popular,Color Game Through To The End

   The the season popular 1970s wind,Strive to highlight the saturation highlight the color of the eye ,One-piece dress and neon color accessories item becomes modelling is necessary,IHONSA FASHION modelling of collection of European and American popular actress neon color for you,Like a palette of colours of the rainbow color has its own unique collocation method and charm.

  Orange dress itself has enough dazzlingly beautiful,If add on hollow out design,more orange single product dazzling play to the extreme,Collocation nude parts or them soft shiny accessories can have some clear and highlights the effect of the primary and secondary.
   The new Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in Stella McCartney hollow design small orange dress appeared on the party,stamped on the Jimmy Choo pointed high-heeled shoes,holding a black bag,The Whole body not cumbersome accessories,only the Pearl Earrings with other,more prominent orange small dress glory.
   Julianne Hough in Alberta Ferretti loose dress appeared in the street,A type of dress collocation nifty sunglasses let her appear individual character is dye-in-the-wood.

  Red is the most attract attention in color,Is a woman's gentle and confident,one-piece dress tailored, perfect contrast curve, has easily won back rate,with black single product,Strong visual impact to modelling has a clear contrast,And the modelling of whole body black and white ash if touched a red handbag, also can draw the dragon point clear.
  Amanda Seyfried Dress wore Roksanda Illincic red slim Dress to attend the activity,Tie-in black leggings and a black ankle boots,Body shape only in black and red outline,visual contrast.
    Selena Gomez in the airport,Dressed in black pilots leather coat,inside a white T-shirt,Under a black legging,Stamped on the black ankle boots,Hand carry Dolce & Gabbana red handbag,Phoebe Price black hat and the big black let Senlena star flavour is dye-in-the-wood,and a red handbag point clear black and white modelling appears more tough,full of highlights of the body shape.

    The yellow dress skirt bouncing light,Full of youthful energy,Accessories of different depth collocation fastens with color and gold color sheet is tasted.
    Emma Stone wore a Stella McCartney spell color dress to attend the activities,only with Christian Louboutin pointed high-heeled shoes,Let the modelling is more pure and move people.
    Maria Menounos in Gomez Gracia tender yellow long dress to attend the activities,with Jerome c.Rousseau Rome gold wind high-heeled shoes and goose yellow cummerbund,modelling is full of administrative levels do not show drab.

   Green under the Gucci promote and other brands,to become a new darling of color this season,green sweater with brown boots and a light blue pencil pants,with the wind fluttering scarf,build in full street leisure style,Or use the bouncing color such as bright yellow or light yellow item outlined spring vitality.
   Sumpermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, dressed in a Michael Kors collocation Citizens Of Humanity green sweater blue pencil pants out Of the street,Shoulder Cc Skye,foot Rag&Bone brown boots,Modelling is full of recreational feeling,Big scarf application more let modelling appear along with the gender handsome.

  Katy Perry in Gucci small green dress and the same color bag to attend the activities,bright yellow high-heeled shoes to become the Stroke of Genius.

    Deep blue after changing trend in recent years,Still sing leading role,Sapphire blue and lightnings lightened blue has always been modelling tool,This season even more luster,Blue dress collocation red item,Bright eye at the same time, add a British QiGan,With gold accessories again appears high but the aura is dye-in-the-wood.
   Jessica Chastain in Roland Mouret blue silk gown walked the red carpet,only simple collocation of Harry Winston jewelry accessories,also is full of goddess aura.
   Anna Sophia Robb with Alice + Olivia irregular collocation of the red dot design pointed shoes wonderful interpretation of the modern nifty belongs to girls. 
  Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Scott blue cultivate one's morality dress,Sexy shape outline to get incisively and vividly,Collar with a golden let luxuriant feeling to soar,with gold pointed high heels,bring out the best in each other.

     The blue is a very intellectual look elegant and noble color,Jessica Chastain white skin in the blue backdrop is elegant and noble.
    (left)Elie Saab lace stitching blue dress,Deep V neckline and perspective of lace is very sexy;
    (right)Antonio Berardi dresses design focus on the back

2013 Chevron Printed Blouse In Blue / White Striped HSM520

2013 Chevron Printed Blouse In Blue / White Striped HSM520

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Early spring legs sheet is tasted Pencil pants with guide

   Spring is coming,Men of tide play the part of beautiful magic weapon is already ready.For example, pencil pants.Pencil pants with lower bound feet because of its perfect show thin effect has been loved by all of us. No matter with flat shoes with high heels or combination , ever-changing fashionable amorous feelings can be at hand.Today, IHONSA FASHION for you four pencil pants, fixed collocation, find belongs to your style, incarnation long legs thin beauty to greet the New Year.

Annasophia Robb & Kristen Stewart
Pencil pants + high heels:
   Annasophia Robb Crimson Plaid shirt with a black double-breasted coat,Big show retro rocks of England,Dark tight leg jeans blue adornment wind restoring ancient ways high-heeled shoes,The high figure fashion brand.
  Kristen Stewart with spelling a black collar small simple white T-shirt with black suit, relaxed and spell able, H&M black leather pants and the combination of the Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes and cool taste and femininity.

Pencil pants + boots:
   Camilla Belle to short T match the flower case locomotive small leatherLeisure messenger bag casual fashion,Black pencil pants with the knee boots set of leg combination supermodel figure.
  Gianna Jun to the same short T with suede leather jacket,black scarf to keep warm to face,basic jeans + Suede Boots collocation can modify the leg line,classic and practical.

Heidi Klum & Miranda Kerr
Pencil pants + shoes:
  Heidi Klum in cowboy shirts with heavy hair gray down jacket,cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood, washed blue jeans with a sports sneakers,casual does not lose big.
  Miranda Kerr to Rag & Bone white T-shirt match A.L.C leopard grain cardigan.Helmut Lang leather leggings + Isabel Marant ankle boots tall black movement forward,Givenchy bag, all show big.

Pencil pants + flat shoes:
   Jessica Biel with gray minimalist style coat with white decorative collar shirt,blue jeans and gray shoes comfortable all-match, handbags from Rag & Bone.
   Diane Kruger Gray Down Jackets simple warm,Chanel chain bag add many woman flavour, Ling plaid pants collocation gold pointed flat shoes individual character make public.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashionable new generation The idol of young girls dressing method(二)

    Literature and art with dye-in-the-wood flavour of knitted sweater and cultivate  one's morality jeans collocation is most likely to make a slight slim figure,Along with the gender back a bag,Match again a pair of handsome sunglasses,Sweet taste and handsome hale and hearty,Let Laurie can also so cool feels dye-in-the-wood.
   (Left) : Chloe Moretz dining out , wearing a Nordic - style printing sweater , destroyed the Chanel 2.55 chain bag , with a high waist pencil pants , step on the motorcycle boots.Sweater bright colors make simple modelling vitality.
   (Right) : Chloe Moretz appeared on the streets , wearing a skull print sweater ,shoulder the diamond chain bag, foot suede color ballet shoes,Cool sweater let other is full of personality.

   In addition to all kinds of cool and refreshing elegant dress up,Daily recreational feeling heavy comfortable dress up is also the favorite girl idol,Shirt collocation pleated skirt create a good image of the top students,And the heat has not been reduced cowboy shirt simple collocation jeans and sunglasses modelling simple,But agile and have administrative levels feeling.
    (left) : Elle Fanning appeared on the street, wearing a denim shirt and under a pleated skirts pants,Foot flame shadow ankle boots,Gentle and quiet fair maiden temperament modelling is full of top student taste.
  (right) : Chloe Moretz go out wearing dark sunglasses, wearing a denim shirt,with Chanel 2.55 chain bag, with pencil pants, stepping on the ballet shoes, aura is dye-in-the-wood.

    Full Palace wind long dress is a favorite of teenage idols,Outstanding fairy tale feeling and sense of contour,a very high eye focus on ,shoes and coat collocation is better to light color.
   (left) : Elle Fanning with lace neck,On the brown knitted cardigan,Rodarte Van Gogh printing bra floor-length skirt,Gentle touching , retro and fresh .
  (right) : Elle fanning to attend the ceremony. She is wearing a pink dress embroidered profile, stamped on the nude color high heels, Waist design her body outline was just right.

    In a long dress of choice, young girl idols rarely choose design of deep V too sexy, and multiple choice wrapped chest design, printing decoration more prominent gentle gentle temperament, select solid color and clothing with the color of the shoes easy to highlight the texture.
   Elle Fanning in Chanel 2013 with petals bra long dresses, stepping on the platform sandals at the ceremony, with soft petal design vivid, more prominent young sense.