Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Neon Color Is Popular,Color Game Through To The End

   The the season popular 1970s wind,Strive to highlight the saturation highlight the color of the eye ,One-piece dress and neon color accessories item becomes modelling is necessary,IHONSA FASHION modelling of collection of European and American popular actress neon color for you,Like a palette of colours of the rainbow color has its own unique collocation method and charm.

  Orange dress itself has enough dazzlingly beautiful,If add on hollow out design,more orange single product dazzling play to the extreme,Collocation nude parts or them soft shiny accessories can have some clear and highlights the effect of the primary and secondary.
   The new Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in Stella McCartney hollow design small orange dress appeared on the party,stamped on the Jimmy Choo pointed high-heeled shoes,holding a black bag,The Whole body not cumbersome accessories,only the Pearl Earrings with other,more prominent orange small dress glory.
   Julianne Hough in Alberta Ferretti loose dress appeared in the street,A type of dress collocation nifty sunglasses let her appear individual character is dye-in-the-wood.

  Red is the most attract attention in color,Is a woman's gentle and confident,one-piece dress tailored, perfect contrast curve, has easily won back rate,with black single product,Strong visual impact to modelling has a clear contrast,And the modelling of whole body black and white ash if touched a red handbag, also can draw the dragon point clear.
  Amanda Seyfried Dress wore Roksanda Illincic red slim Dress to attend the activity,Tie-in black leggings and a black ankle boots,Body shape only in black and red outline,visual contrast.
    Selena Gomez in the airport,Dressed in black pilots leather coat,inside a white T-shirt,Under a black legging,Stamped on the black ankle boots,Hand carry Dolce & Gabbana red handbag,Phoebe Price black hat and the big black let Senlena star flavour is dye-in-the-wood,and a red handbag point clear black and white modelling appears more tough,full of highlights of the body shape.

    The yellow dress skirt bouncing light,Full of youthful energy,Accessories of different depth collocation fastens with color and gold color sheet is tasted.
    Emma Stone wore a Stella McCartney spell color dress to attend the activities,only with Christian Louboutin pointed high-heeled shoes,Let the modelling is more pure and move people.
    Maria Menounos in Gomez Gracia tender yellow long dress to attend the activities,with Jerome c.Rousseau Rome gold wind high-heeled shoes and goose yellow cummerbund,modelling is full of administrative levels do not show drab.

   Green under the Gucci promote and other brands,to become a new darling of color this season,green sweater with brown boots and a light blue pencil pants,with the wind fluttering scarf,build in full street leisure style,Or use the bouncing color such as bright yellow or light yellow item outlined spring vitality.
   Sumpermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, dressed in a Michael Kors collocation Citizens Of Humanity green sweater blue pencil pants out Of the street,Shoulder Cc Skye,foot Rag&Bone brown boots,Modelling is full of recreational feeling,Big scarf application more let modelling appear along with the gender handsome.

  Katy Perry in Gucci small green dress and the same color bag to attend the activities,bright yellow high-heeled shoes to become the Stroke of Genius.

    Deep blue after changing trend in recent years,Still sing leading role,Sapphire blue and lightnings lightened blue has always been modelling tool,This season even more luster,Blue dress collocation red item,Bright eye at the same time, add a British QiGan,With gold accessories again appears high but the aura is dye-in-the-wood.
   Jessica Chastain in Roland Mouret blue silk gown walked the red carpet,only simple collocation of Harry Winston jewelry accessories,also is full of goddess aura.
   Anna Sophia Robb with Alice + Olivia irregular collocation of the red dot design pointed shoes wonderful interpretation of the modern nifty belongs to girls. 
  Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Scott blue cultivate one's morality dress,Sexy shape outline to get incisively and vividly,Collar with a golden let luxuriant feeling to soar,with gold pointed high heels,bring out the best in each other.

     The blue is a very intellectual look elegant and noble color,Jessica Chastain white skin in the blue backdrop is elegant and noble.
    (left)Elie Saab lace stitching blue dress,Deep V neckline and perspective of lace is very sexy;
    (right)Antonio Berardi dresses design focus on the back


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