Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Victoria's Secret Angels Deductive Sexy Beach Summer Sportswear

    Heat of the summer is coming, The Victoria's Secret angels first we deduce stylish beach this summer: striped bikini vitality is bold and unrestrained, candy color bikini is marked, in addition to the single wear, also can and fluorescent color Mix&Match condole belt vest, hot pants, hollow out jacket, let you become the focus of summer outdoor big lie prone.

    The season of sunshine, outdoor activities, is the most essential, how to create comfortable and fashionable sport Look? Angel super model Alessandra Ambrosio tells us that the bikini Bra and lace vest, bull-puncher knickers, panama hat, fashion sheet is tasted, and zipper hoodie hat unlined upper garment and athletic pants mix build, at the same time don't forget to join in the sporting Look striking bright color or pattern that grabs an eye, can let you easily attract eyes. The slope of the most popular sports shoes also is the necessary sheet is tasted, quietly tensile ratio, let you have more attractive body.
   Finally, don't ignore your girlfriends, do sports with her together on the beach or when pretences-or in, I have your girlfriends modelling, can make you double.

1.Supermodel Elsa Hosk , wearing a phosphor camisole,overlap silver Bra, wear white pants,Red boxing glove let all this pink is tender inviting beaches modelling more add vitality.

2.Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio dressed in loose waist knotted blue T-shirt,with a pale yellow package hip miniskirt and Roman sandals,show the fragrant shoulder and leg, comfortable with and without losing the sexy.

3.Alessandra Ambrosio pattern lemon yellow T-shirt,Tie-in white lace shorts, flip-flops of gold and the blue stripe canvas bags,To create a pure and fresh and comfortable spring out of the street clothing.

4.Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio for Victoria's secret fashion shoot,Mint green loose T-shirt + spandex 7 minutes of pants + wedge sneakers, show the youthful vitality.

5.Black bead piece short jacket that Alessandra Ambrosio white T-shirt + black pants, leisure style adds a fashionable feeling

6.Alessandra Ambrosio within the vests fold wear black and white striped bikini, all show hot temptation; Silver sneakers and sports pants gold letters on the Logo, the low-key colour adds window for the whole body.

7.Alessandra Ambrosio gray v-neck Tee, tie-in white shorts and silver wedge sneakers.

8.Alessandra Ambrosio with light grey sleeveless zip fleece fold a blue T-shirt, have administrative levels feeling and cool and refreshing, white hot pants show long legs, pink wedge sneakers with the printing to the overall Look of the Tee heart overflow with pink nifty feeling.

9.Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing a black zip fleece, tie-in white condole belt and black and white plaid printed tie waist skirt, stamped on the wedge sneakers.

10.Super eye-catching color phosphor condole belt vest, supermodel Elsa Hosk and Sara Sampaio Bra + hot pants modelling more add pink is tender feeling, distribute the breath in energetic young girl.

11.Victoria's secret fashion shoot the spot, angel supermodel Adriana Lima in printed zip fleece white hot pants collocation, Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing a white shirt with printed shorts, dynamic modelling of girlfriends beach leisure, seconds kill passers-by eyes easily.

12.The Tee with series of grey letters, Alessandra Ambrosio wedge sneaker collocation jeans shorts with it and bright color, Adriana Lima is tie-in white short skirt or toe-knob sandals, create a comfortable girlfriends out of the street.


  1. Alessandra is amazing :)